The New Normal: Sustainability in wake of the pandemic

As all of us emerge from the pandemic with new possibilities and looking forward to return to our lives, there is a new normal that we should accept – ‘Keeping it simple’. The most important lesson that surfaced over the last year is that less is always more and hence the minimalist approach is way forward for the mankind to ensure a better world. Since we are currently focused on sustainable fashion, lets understand what really matters in the future.

There are three emerging trends post-pandemic:

  1. Increasing popularity of D2C brands: COVID-19 forced us to stay at home for major part of the last year and because retail stores were unavailable all consumption moved online. Be it content, education or shopping, online platforms were the go-to-place for customers across age groups, geography making convenience & hygiene the key parameter for superior customer experience.
  2. ‘Sustainability’ is trending across industries including fashion & food: Comfort food and all-day, comfortable wear were the two things essential for people working from home. We have all attended our zoom calls & webex meetings in our comfiest pyjamas and tees. To that extent, we have seen consumers move towards organic, sustainable clothing where Ecentric fit in as well.
  3. Waste less, want less: Pre-covid, the world was all about consumerism barring a few exceptions. The pandemic taught us that despite all available resources we may be defeated by Mother Nature and hence we should be mindful, thoughtful and kind. There is now an increased focus on generating less waste and hence reduce unnecessary indulgence. Sustainability ensures this through implementation of reuse and recycle concepts.

However, we should all work towards creating sustainability not just in words but also action taking small steps, one at a time. We are staring at a planetary crisis in terms of drastic climate change across countries and if we do not awaken today, all maybe lost. Unchecked, unsustainable production and consumption are the two elements which if taken into control could help avoid further deterioration.

We must therefore redefine our equation with Mother Nature now and forever. Hoping you are onboard with Ecentric on the journey that is better for you and for all of us!

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