New Launches

Ecentric Exclusively on Amazon Smbhav

New Launches

Ecentric Exclusively on Amazon Smbhav

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All Day, All Season Wear

Hemp clothing is second only to your skin! All day All Season Wear.



Hemp is a bast fibre (plant based) requiring 4x less water to grow than cotton.


Breathable & Soft

Feels fresh round the clock.


Durable & Strong

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres known to mankind.


Leaves no colour behind

Chemical free colors with amazing color fastness be it light or dark colors.


Ecentric was conceptualized by keeping environment and sustainability at the core of our brand philosophy

Save ~50days of water consumption by buying a hemp shirt

We are a ZERO plastic use company

All our products are ethically sourced to ensure a low carbon footprint

We follow a ZERO waste approach

Global Certifications & Initiatives


All our fabrics are processed in GOTS compliant factories


Confidence in textiles

All our fabrics are tested for harmful substances


Part of Amazon Launchpad Program

For innovative startups


Part of Myntra for Earth

For sustainable fashion brands

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Are hemp clothes worth it?

One of hemp’s unique properties is its durability. Hemp can be used for everything from clothing to rope, and it’s typically three times stronger than cotton. You don’t have to worry about running through your hemp clothes in a few weeks—they won’t wear out as quickly as other fabrics, so you can feel great while looking fashionable every day. And best of all, hemp is 100% natural and eco-friendly!

Is hemp an expensive fabric?

Hemp is relatively inexpensive, with prices ranging from $8 to $50 per yard, depending on quality. Hemp fabrics are durable and typically less prone to wrinkling than most other fabrics, making them a good choice for formal wear and uniforms. Even more, hemp clothes don’t require special care like dry cleaning or ironing; just wash your hemp clothes using mild detergent and hang them out to dry—it really is that simple!

Is hemp clothing better than cotton?

Even though both fabrics are breathable, hemp is much more durable. This means you can use less energy and water to produce one kilogram of hemp versus cotton.

Is hemp clothing eco friendly?

Hemp is an eco-friendly fabric because it’s made from plants that grow in dense and compact clusters—think about how a forest grows. While many plant-based fabrics require lots of water to grow and cultivate, hemp requires very little because its roots grow so close together. There are no heavy pesticides or herbicides used on hemp plants, making them both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Is hemp fabric made in India?

It is common to find garments made from hemp fabric in India. However, you will find that most of these are imported. There are very few brands who manufacture organic hemp clothing in India at present. Hemp apparels manufactured by these brands are lighweight with 3x tensile strength as compared to cotton fabrics . Moreover, they are also eco-friendly . That is why we wanted to showcase it on our website so that other can explore more about hemp fabrics and it’s benefits for their daily wear.