Our Story

Salendra Gupta started this journey to Make India A Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle inspiration for the world in 2020. When the pandemic hit everyone was doing things which they had never done before and were focusing on using organic products for food and skin care but no one was thinking about clothing. 
Textile is the second most polluting industries globally and Salendra took it as a challenge to make India more environment friendly via sustainable fashion. This is when Ecentric (Environment-centric) was born.

Sustainable clothing made with hemp

"Ecentric was conceptualised to contribute to the environment and ecology. The organic way of living is getting popular every day as people learn to live sustainably and in order for it to successfully transform our future, we need to embrace it in every aspect – not just limit it to food and personal care. Clothing is an important part of our lives and the fashion industry adds a significant amount to the world’s carbon footprint. Hence, we believe sustainable fashion is the future and it is essential for all of us to be a part of an environment-centric community (Ecentric)."
- Salendra Gupta, Founder and CEO, Ecentric

Shop consciously for a better future with hemp clothing

There are many natural fibres such as flax and jute which have found their way back into our wardrobes in different ways but there is a fibre that has been ‘forgotten’ – the HEMP FIBRE. Hemp is a wonder plant which is one of mother nature’s gift to mankind. It is a truly multi-purpose miracle and is not limited to be used as a medicine/recreation drug. Industrial hemp is a sustainable alternative to many synthetic fibres with extensive potential to be used for textiles and home furnishing applications. There are other natural fibres and while we have started with hemp we plan to add more in the portfolio.
The core philosophy of Ecentric is Svasmai Svalpam Samajay Sarvasvam.
(A little bit for yourself and everything for other!) We believe this could empower a sustainable future for all of us where we can contribute and be a part of the change, we all wish to see.
Let us all strive to make our planet sustainable and at the same time look trendy, feel comfortable and be ourselves by choosing Ecentric.
Hemp looks like linen given it is a similar natural, organic fibre.
Hemp feels like cotton and is super-comfortable to wear all-day, all-seasons.
Hemp behaves like wine which ages well and with every wash our clothes get better.