10 Ways to Style a Half Shirt for a Fashion-Forward Look

Half shirts are the perfect wardrobe staple. They’re dressy enough to pair with dress pants but casual enough to wear with jeans or leggings. While the versatility of this style means you can wear it just about anywhere, we know that some ways to style a half shirt are better than others, and this guide will show you the ins and outs of looking your best in your next half shirt.

1) Accent Half Shirt With A Chic Accessory

A half shirt looks great with almost any outfit, but if you want an extra stylish look, try dressing it up with a chic accessory. For example, add a belt around your hips or wear some sleek sunglasses. If you are wearing an open half shirt that leaves your stomach exposed, consider pairing it with an opaque skirt or dress to give your body more coverage.

2) Layer Under A Jacket For Extra Warmth

Layers are your friend. For one, they keep you warmer in cold weather, but it’s also good to have various options on hand depending on how much room you want in your outfit. A half shirt underneath a blazer is great for those looking for an extra layer of warmth. Just be sure that any exposed skin isn’t displaying too much flesh. You don’t want to look trashy; you want to look fashion forward!

3) Pair With Tight Leggings Or Jeans

If you’re going with jeans, make sure they’re slim or fitted—and that they sit above your waist. Opt for bottoms with stretch so they don’t restrict your movement. If you prefer leggings, choose ones made of a flexible fabric like silk or jersey, and look for styles that are snug but not skin-tight. Going with a looser fit will also help keep your top from bunching up under your bottom.

4) Keep White And Colored Stripes Separate

Stripes are a classic style, so use them to your advantage! But never pair stripes in your shirt and pants. This is one of those fashion don’ts that nobody wants to admit, but no man should ever wear a striped shirt with striped pants (or vice versa). Your outfit will look disjointed and unbalanced. Stick with solid shirts on top and bottom if you want stripes in your wardrobe; it’s just not worth breaking fashion rules!

5) Wear Over Short Skirts or Pant Shorts

Wearing half shirts over short skirts or pant shorts is an easy way to flaunt your fashion sense while simultaneously expressing yourself. You can easily dress it up with an accessory like earrings or embellished flats, but you can also keep it casual by throwing on some shorts and sandals. The choice is yours!

6) Create An A-Line Silhouette with Wide Leg Pants

A half shirt can be used in many different styles depending on what kind of pants are worn with it. If you have slim hips, shorts or a skirt will create an A-line silhouette, which is great if you want to accentuate your waist. Wide leg pants will also create an A-line shape. A half shirt paired with skinny jeans has an entirely different look altogether. Skinny jeans in general will elongate legs and create length so if you want to lengthen your torso, choose these pants.

7) Compliment Taller Figures with Booties and Heels

If you’re 5’9 and you want an outfit that compliments your frame, consider pairing booties with high heels or wedges. The combination elongates your legs so it will give off an impression of height. Although half shirts are often paired with shorts, pairing one with tailored pants or jeans can also have a positive effect on how tall you look from head to toe. Just make sure both pants and shoes are fitted at all times.

8) Take Off The Collar And Wear As A Cami

Most people will tell you that a half shirt is meant to be worn with pants, but there’s no reason why you can’t take it off its leash and wear it as a fashion accessory. Tuck it into your skirt or pair it with your favorite pair of jeans.

9) Pair With Flared Skirts For A Glamorous Night Out

Styling with a half shirt allows you to wear more dramatic looks. Pair it with flouncy skirts and stilettos for an ultra glamorous evening look. The most important thing to remember when wearing half shirts is confidence, so exude your inner superstar as you walk into that party! Whether you’re running errands or going out on Saturday night, the half shirt makes getting dressed easy and stylish. Wear it alone with jeans or under other pieces for extra pizzazz.

10) Keep White Tops From Becoming See Through

Have you ever worn a white shirt and later noticed your dark bra straps peeking through? The problem usually comes from wearing tight tops that are too thin, or simply not enough fabric. A half shirt is designed with two purposes in mind: 1) Wear as part of an outfit, or 2) Wear alone as a cover up top. One common mistake people make when wearing half shirts is pairing them with other light colors like white, cream, or ivory.


When it comes to finding ways to style an item that is so simple, you can feel pretty limited. But with these 10 tips, you’ll find half shirts are actually some of your most stylish options when deciding what to wear. Give them a try!

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