Long before you were born! Yes, hemp has been around for ages and is even mentioned in the Atharv Veda as one of the five ‘essential/sacred’ plants. Read more about it in “Why Hemp”

Absolutely not. There are two type of cannabis plants – cannabis Indica and cannabis sativa. Consumption of cannabis indica causes psychoactive effects. Hemp clothes are made from cannabis sativa which does not have psychoactive effects. So, one should feel free to wear clothes made from hemp.

Hemp fabric has the below qualities: Look: It looks like linen Feel: It feels like cotton Be: It behaves like wine and gets softer with every wash

All the products are washed and ironed before the shipment. So, garments would not shrink any further.

You can wash the cloth as you deem fit. There is creasing that appears if you tumble dry so please iron before you wear it.

Hemp fibre is completely safe and protects the skin from harmful UV rays due to its organic origin. Read more about it in “Why Hemp”

Yes, there are many advantages of using hemp over cotton or any other fibre. The list of all advantages is listed under “Why Hemp” but in a nutshell, hemp is far more sustainable than cotton. Read more about it in “Why Hemp”

Yes, hemp fabric does look like linen. However, hemp fabric is more durable and has longer life compared to linen fabric. Also, hemp fabric is smoother compared to linen.

The colour fastness of hemp fabric is better than any natural fibres. Dyeing on hemp fabric therefore will stay for a longer duration compared to any other natural fibre.

Return and Exchange

We have “No Questions Asked” return/exchange policy. We have free shipping so the logistics charges pertaining to the return/exchanges will be borne by us. Our logistic partners shall pick up the products from your doorstep. Please handover the products in the original condition.

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For every cancelled order, refund will be credited to account in 2-3 working days. Please refer here for detailed information on Return and Exchanges.

Yes, you can cancel the order any time before the product is dispatched from our warehouse. However, once the product is dispatched, please write to us at for any changes/modifications in your order.

Please refer here for detailed information on Return and Exchanges.